My story

A history of musicality

Marcela is a native of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, and is inspired by the unique melodies of that beautiful land. From her surname Vallecilla takes her artistic name. From an early age, she has dedicated herself to educating her ear, voice and perfecting her eternal companion, the guitar.

Incredibly, she took guitar lessons through the “buttonhole in the door” and put into practice the classes that her cousin received and thanks to this she fulfilled her dream of entering the Tuna of her school and later directing it. In her teens she won a contest with the trio “Las Primas” promoted by Caracol radio.

Her solo experience began at Café Colombia, and at Colombian, Mexican and American clubs and restaurants such as Sarducci and others. Soon, Marcela will be part of the artistic cast of the well-known restaurant Trevor At The Tracks, where the past is preserved to enhance the future, in San Juan Capistrano, Southern California.

Throughout her career she has produced three albums, the first of them “Sabor A Mi”, 2007 containing a varied repertoire of Colombian music and other well-known songs from sister countries. In the second album entitled “A Mi Manera”, 2009 she ventures as a vocalist in English with the song “Que Sera, Sera” by Ray Evans, which is accompanied by 12 songs of very Latin American style and is currently releasing her most recent album “Mi Guitarra y Yo”, where the original strings of her beloved guitar vibrate to the rhythm of What a Wonderful World, Amor Marino, Amame, and Motivos, among other songs and adorning its closing with a mosaic of Cumbias that include themes by important Latin composers such as José Barros, Simón Díaz and Mario Gareña.

She has received recognitions and awards from the Rotary Club of Los Angelesy and recognitions from the newspaper La Prensa Colombiana and has contributed her cultural quota to the community as a jury in artistic contests of Latin origin.

For all occasions

Variety of musical genres

Every week is an opportunity to share my repertoire in all kinds of events. You can also celebrate among friends and family on birthdays and anniversaries remembering those songs that stayed in the heart of the family as the best memory lived.

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